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Welcome to English Corner!

English Corner is an informal Conversational English Class given as a free community service and provided on a voluntary basis by both people born and raised in Canada as well as many people who have, at one time in their lives, experienced life as a new immigrant to Canada.

We believe that effective communication of our thoughts and feelings is essential for leading a successful life in a new place.

English Corner is usually conducted in small groups and has two main focuses. Firstly, to give participants the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings in English conversation facilitated by trained volunteers; secondly, English Corner groups provide a warm informal environment that encourages fellowship and the building of friendships.

We have found that combining formal discussions on specific topics with informal social activities gives participants the confidence to communicate both their thoughts and feelings in English – plus it is fun, too!

English Corner belongs to the participants, and the organizers attempt as much as possible to follow their interests. We like to see ourselves involved in an exchange of culture and language, where the English speakers are just as eager to learn about other cultures as people learning English are interested in strengthening their English skills and understanding Canadian culture.